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Follow Bennie as he chases away his Monday blues and embraces some humor in this fun new book,  Bennie hates Mondays. Mondays mean no more watching cartoons or eating choco-chip pancakes. Mondays mean only work and no play.

As another Monday arrives and the day starts going downhill, Bennie begins to realize that if he allows it, belly laughs can happen on even the most dreaded weekday of all.

What are Mondays good for, anyway? is a heartwarming picture book that helps teachers promote a growth mindset, and parents encourage a supportive learning environment for young school-aged children who are dealing with back-to-school jitters. This book is a valuable addition to any children’s book collection or elementary school library.

WHAT are Mondays good for, anyway?

​Customer Reviews

This is a fantastic picture book for younger age readers, that will help children understand bees, and their contribution to the environment and ecosystem.

Readers Choice: 5 stars 

What Are Bees Good For, Anyway?, by Nicole Frankel, strikes a harmonious balance between education and entertainment, making it a must-read for classrooms and bedtime alike. It’s an engaging, fun, and informative picture book that not only broadens young minds but also encourages a newfound appreciation for these tiny yet mighty pollinators. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge and a joyous celebration of the incredible world of bees.

Literary Titan: 5 stars 

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Reese Mathers

Do you ever wonder what bees are good for, anyway? Bennie does, for there is nothing he hates more than getting stung by one.

But his Aunt Beatrice is about to answer this question…Join Bennie as Aunt Beatrice introduces him to the amazing world of honey bees.

What Are Bees Good For, Anyway? is a delightful children’s picture book that highlights the important role honey bees play in our ecosystem, while encouraging children to explore the interconnectedness of our environment. Filled with humor, warmth, and valuable lessons, this book is a perfect addition to any library or home.

What are bees good for, anyway? 

Bennie HATES math—the boring numbers, the plus and minus symbols, and his careless mistakes. 


But one day, Bennie discovers that math can be used in some unexpected places, like the cafeteria, playground, and even his favorite ice cream parlor. Could it be that there’s more to math than just making Bennie miserable?

Join Bennie on another adventure as his question, “What is math good for, anyway?” is answered. Filled with math, humor, and valuable lessons, this book is a perfect addition to home and school libraries.

What is math good for anyway?

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